Our Alaskan Vacation Captured in 360 Video

Our Alaskan Vacation Captured in 360 Video

360 Travel Videos

GoPro Fusion 360 VideoInterested in some cool 360 video? Earlier this year we took a seven day cruise to south east Alaska. During our week we visited Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan, and British Columbia in Canada. Throughout the week I spent plenty of time getting some amazing video with the new GoPro Fusion.

Granted, these videos are not the typical, adrenaline rush inducing GoPro videos seen all over the internet. The cool thing about the GoPro Fusion is that it makes capturing amazing 360 degree videos super easy. I wanted a way to capture the environment during some of the most interesting parts of our vacation and the GoPro Fusion delivered!

These videos are best viewed, and most immersive, when viewed through a VR headset. Some of them even have 360 degree audio along with the video. If you don’t have a VR headset available, you can still watch the videos and just drag the image around with your finger (or your mouse). What are your thoughts on 360 degree video? Is it the future of content or just another fad? If 360 videos aren’t your thing, maybe you would like some nice wildlife videos instead.

Tatoosh Island Sea Kayaking 360 Video

Helicopter Ride Over Meade Glacier 360 Video

Boat Ride Past Eagle Island 360 Video

Coming Soon!

Cruise Through Glacier Bay National Park 360 Video

Coming Soon!


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