Making My Short Film Dani

Making My Short Film Dani

Making My Short Film Dan

Dani Movie Poster With Festival Laurels

Many of the production resources for the short film Dani are cataloged below.

Production Resources

Screenplay: Dani.pdf (574 downloads)

Storyboards: Dani-Cut-List-Storyboards.pdf (505 downloads)

Shot List:  Dani-Shot-List.pdf (571 downloads)

Sound Samples

Various sound beds and tracks used to develop the feel of the film during pre-production.



“I’m Saving Mine For Us”




“Anxiety Drone”

We’re all dealing with something, Dani just doesn’t know it yet.

Making short films not your thing? That’s cool, check out a recent blog post about making a music video or my YouTube Channel instead.


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