Handcrafted Wooden Clock by WB Designs
WB Designs Miter Saw

Handcrafted Wooden Clock by WB Designs

WB Designs

I recently had the opportunity to shoot a short promotional video for a good friend of mine. Watch Jacob Holland from WB Designs hand build a custom wooden clock. I had a great time working on this little project. As a result, if you’re a maker in the Nashville area and you’re interested in having a video produced to showcase your work, contact me today!

I shot this video over the course of two days. We spent the first day shooting all of the actual work. Then, the second day was spent shooting just the final two shots once the clock finish had some time to dry. Most interesting about the shoot were all of the unique angles I was able to capture in a wood shop. Close-ups of the saws, the action of the chisel, and finally slider movements all over the place!


I am a modern day Renaissance Man. Husband, father, dad, photographer, videographer, drone pilot, entrepreneur, beard aficionado, leather crafter, screen printer, web developer, excel guru, etc.

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