Radnor Lake – Shot on RED Scarlet-W

Radnor Lake – Shot on RED Scarlet-W

Radnor Lake in November

I recently took my RED Scarlet-W out to Radnor Lake with the intent of expanding my stock footage library. Almost exactly two years ago I was at Radnor Lake with the Sony FS700 on the search for wildlife and came across a flock of wild turkeys! I’ve toyed around with Blackbox.global for a while but never really focused on stock footage. Maybe one of these days I’ll get around to reviewing my experience with Blackbox. If you’re a video shooter with piles of footage, check them out. You may be able to turn some of that footage into recurring revenue!

Radnor Lake Shot on RED Scarlet-W

I recently added a RED Scarlet-W to my camera collection and have had an opportunity to put it to work on several projects already. Early RED credits include a promo for Dream Acres Woods Company and a series of music videos for Transylvania Stud. This was my first outing with the RED with Mother Nature as my subject, and boy did she deliver. 

Things I was not expecting to see but was pleasantly surprised to capture in full 5K glory include:

  • Early morning fog rolling off the lake
  • A sandhill crane casually relaxing lakeside
  • Ducks so active this early in the morning
  • A squirrel so occupied with a nut that it couldn’t have cared less about me

While the RED Scarlet-W shoots in beautiful 5K resolution, my final render is at 4K, but I promise it’s amazing!

Where To Next

I’m headed to Yosemite National Park next weekend with hopes of capturing great views of El Cap. After that, who knows! Where do you think I should head next?


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