Transylvania Stud – White Witch Music Videos

Transylvania Stud – White Witch Music Videos

Producing Transylvania Stud’s White Witch Music Videos

I recently had the pleasure of working with Transylvania Stud again for the release of his second album, White Witch. When I heard Andrew had some new music in production I asked for a sneak preview, and minutes later I was pitching video ideas!

It All Started With a Text Message (Again)

Text messages with Andrew

So after some quick back and forth before my flight departed, my brain went to work on ideas. I’ll admit that writing a treatment for a music video is one of my least favorite things to do, but a necessary evil if I want to get anything produced. You can check out my original music video treatment notes here – Transylvania-Stud-Treatment.pdf (704 downloads)

One major difference you’ll notice from the treatment to the final videos is the final shoot location settings. My DP Bill Cornelius and I flew into Richmond and only had roughly 36 hours to shoot 98% of the footage I would need. At this point, you’re probably thinking “36 hours is plenty of time for one 5 minute video”, well… we wanted to put out SEVEN music videos, not just one. So with that in mind, we had to be a little flexible if we wanted to pull off this marathon weekend.

Transylvania Stud Shoot – Weekend Timeline

  • Friday
    • 8am – Hop a flight out of Nashville, TN with a truckload of camera gear
    • 2pm – Arrive in Richmond, VA, and pick up our generator for day 2 thanks to ShareGrid
    • 4pm – Secure the first location for “Unconditional Numb” and begin camera build and blocking
    • 5pm – Shooting begins
    • 9pm – Start lighting and blocking for “Drown” at second location
    • 11pm – Wrap
  • Saturday
    • 6am – Breakfast and plan for the day and finalize location for “Three Fold” and “Long Way Down”
    • 7am – Lighting and blocking for “Three Fold”
    • 8am – Shooting begins
    • 11am – Day 2 wrap on location three
    • 12pm – Meet Virginia Film office rep at location four and start lighting
    • 2pm – Start shooting for “In Over Your Head”, “High Stakes”, and “Cloak and Dagger”
    • 6pm – Wrap on location four
    • 7pm – Dinner
    • 8pm – Pickup shots for “Unconditional Numb”
    • 9pm – Wrap
  • Sunday
    • 7am – Breakfast and blocking for “Long Way Down” begins
    • 8am – Shooting for “Long Way Down” begins
    • 8:30am – Police are called on us
    • 8:40am – Police are totally cool and we’re back to business
    • 9am – Wrap on “Long Way Down”
    • 11am – Hop a flight back to Nashville, TN

Behind the Scenes Gallery

Editing It All Together

After a long weekend, it was time to edit it all together. I won’t bore you with the details, but we did live stream the rough cut edit session for “In Over Your Head”. Check it out below!

More behind the scenes content is coming soon, including a directors commentary of the full album video. Check back next month for that one!

Official Transylvania Stud White Witch Music Videos

Unconditional Numb

High Stakes


Cloak and Dagger

Launches November 14th


Launches November 21st

Three Fold

Launches November 28th

Long Way Down

Launches December 5th

In Over Your Head

Launches December 12th

Full Album Video

Launches December 12th


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